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        S&A CW6200 water chiller to cool soldering machine

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        Mr. Li, who is an instrument dealer in Xi’an came to S&A when he wanted to match the high-frequency soldering machine with a water chiller for his customer. Mr. Li has required that the water chiller must have a cooling capacity of up to 2hp (generally also indicated as 2P). We recommend S&A CW-6200 dual temperature water chiller that has up to 5100W cooling capacity and 2.28P compressor power with ±0.5℃ precisely temperature control to Mr. Li to meet his requirement of 2P cooling capacity.
        How to choose an industrial water chiller:
        1. Choose the water chiller with matched cooling capacity---the cooling capacity of the water chiller must be greater than the heat to be cooled. 
        2. Choose the water chiller with suited water flow rate---The water flow rate must meet the control requirement on the flow rate. Different flow rates will affect the different precision in temperature control. ( Sometimes the pump head must also be taken into account in model selection).
        3. Find an influential supplier. In consideration of the quality of water chiller, choose the water chiller manufacturer that can provide perfect after-sales service.
        The technical parameter of CW-6200AT:http://www.teyuchiller.com/Products/Dualcoolingcircuitch.html

        S&A CW-6200 dual temperature water chiller with 2.3P cooling capacity is used to cool high-frequency soldering machine


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