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        One of laser customers promotes S&A water chiller

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        S&A has a laser trader from Russia, who mainly deals with laser equipment and laser equipment accessories, ordering S&A water chillers in bulk based on a full container load every time (So cool our customer is). This Russian customer has ordered a wide variety of S&A water chiller models that mainly include S&A CW-3000, CW-5000 and CW-6000 series of water chillers. Recently we receive a selection of creative comics from this Russian customer about the cooling of lasers with S&A water chiller. All of these creative comics prepared by the customer will be used for propaganda purpose at the laser expo held in Sept in Russia. You may find a large comics poster on site if you should attend this laser expo held in Sept in Russia.
        Why has this Russian customer trusted S&A so much? This is because that S&A water chiller is not only of high quality but also with beautiful appearance.
        As a whole, S&A has established a strict quality management system with complete production chain and perfect after-sales service.
        With strict control on the acquisition of components, S&A also implements full inspection on core components and performs overall detection on equipment performance before the delivery.
        It's well known that condenser is the center of an industrial water chiller. Therefore S&A has invested millions of money in the equipment to produce condenser and made strict control on a series of processes, including fins, bends and welding etc to secure the quality of condenser. Meanwhile with the introduction of welding robots, the welding procedure has been significantly improved and perfected, which has efficiently prevented the machinery breakdown caused by solder skips to better secure the stable quality of S&A water chiller.
        With the introduction of IPG fiber laser cutting machine purposely for the cutting of external metal plates on the water chiller and the punching of holes on the machine parts, S&A can not only improve the work efficiency and technology, but also enhance the appearance of S&A water chillers.
        After sales-service:
        With a warranty period of 2 years for all S&A water chillers, we can provide a prompt response through the after-sales service hotline at 400-600-2093. Meanwhile our official websites in English, in Russian and in traditional Chinese have also provided the information about the operation of water chillers related to the installation and debugging of water chillers, the temperature control, the daily maintenance and the troubleshooting etc.  
        With the gradual development of modern mechanical automation, S&A is dedicated to growing into a modern high-tech enterprise with high efficiency and high quality to keep in step with the times. There is nothing to worry about if you choose S&A. Act now and purchase a water chiller for your equipment. 

        The technical parameter of CW-5000: http://www.teyuchiller.com/Products/ChillerCW5000800Wcoo.html

        One of our laser customers from Russia promotes S&A water chiller through comics


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