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        The cooling of 1000W laser with S&A CW6100 chiller

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        Cutting machine is greatly demanded on the market and this can be reflected through the shipments made to our customer, Mr. Shan, who is mainly engaged in the production of CNC cutting machine and CNC flame cutting machine. There are many shipments made to him every month. Mr. Shan has begun to produce fiber laser cutting machine with the usage of Maxphotonics laser. Several days ago, he wanted to purchase a water chiller to cool the Maxphotonics laser. After Mr. Shan has made a comparison between the various water chillers from different manufacturers in terms of the appearance, the quality, the performance and the after-sales service, he came to S&A in the end. Finally S&A recommended CW-6100 dual temperature water chiller to him for the cooling of 1000W Maxphotonics fiber laser. With 4200W cooling capacity and ±0.5℃ precisely temperature control, S&A CW-6100 water chiller can fully satisfy the cooling requirement of the 1000W Maxphotonics laser.
        based on its own advantages, fiber laser cutting machine has been widely applied in mechanical processing. However due to the heat generated during the operation of the fiber laser cutting machine, generally every fiber laser cutting machine is matched with a water chiller as the overheating of the reflector on the fiber laser cutting machine will damage the lens. It couldn't be better when S&A CW-6100 dual temperature water chiller is used to cool the fiber laser. It has been designed with two refrigerating circuits with one for the laser and the other one for the separate cooling of the lens. Also it has been equipped with a triple filter unit, where two wire-wound filters serve to filter the impurities in the cooling water circuits separately at the high and low temperature ends to guarantee the cleanness of water, while the third deionization filter mainly serves to filter out the ions in the water circuits for the better protection of the fiber laser.
        The techincal parameter of CW-6100AT: http://www.teyuchiller.com/Products/ChillerCW6100ATdualt.html

        The cooling of 1000W Maxphoto<em></em>nics laser with S&A CW-6100 dual temperature water chiller


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