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        S&A water chiller to cool the projection equipment

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        Recently, one of our laser customers wished to purchase S&A water chiller to cool their 1700W-2000W projection equipment used in the laser digital cinema. S&A recommended CW-6000 water chiller to the customer, who had also raised the following specific requirements on the water chiller:
        1. With the T-507 temperature controller;
        2. Support the ModBus-485 communication;
        3. Equipped with an exhaust hood (to avoid the heat generated during the operation of the water chiller. However as the sound of the fan will affect the projection effect in the projection booth, then use the exhaust hood to flow the air into the exhaust duct and discharge it outside the booth).
        S&A can satisfy all of the requirements raised by the customer. Now the customized machine for the customer is in production. We can provide customized services according to the different requirements of the customers.
        Why has the customer appointed T-507 temperature controller? What advantages does it have compared with the other temperature controller? Let me tell you the truth.
        The T-507 temperature controller in S&A water chiller has the remote control function, which will enable you to perform the remote control on the water chiller.
        The T-507 temperature controller can display: the room temperature, the compressor current, the compressor discharge temperature, the water flow rate, the pump current and the conductivity etc so that the customer can know more clearly about the real-time operation of the water chiller and check if the water chiller has worked normally. Moreover the T-507 temperature controller has the synchronous start and stop function. It means that S&A water chiller can be controlled by the customer’s equipment to realize the synchronous start-up or stop with the equipment.
        The technical; parameter of CW-6000: http://www.teyuchiller.com/Products/ChillerCW60003000Wco.html

        S&A CW-6000 water chiller is used to cool the projection equipment in laser digital cinema


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