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        The cooling of laser marking with S&A chiller

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        Recently, Mr. Zou specialized in the production of various auto bulbs (including the HID bulb, the halogen lamp and the LED bulb) has placed another order with us for S&A CW-6100 water chiller. Mr. Zou had purchased S&A CW-6100 water chiller before to cool their bulb production equipment. However the cooling capacity of the water chiller was reduced to some extent after a long time of service, they decided to replace it with a new one. Affirming the quality of S&A water chiller and the response of the after-sales service during the usage, Mr. Zou directly places the order without hesitation to us for the same model of S&A water chiller.
        Now I'd like to share something with you about how to maintain water chiller in daily usage to enhance not only the cooling effect of the water chiller but also the service life. The specific operation is provided as below: 
        1. Pay attention to the ventilation in the operational environment of the water chiller, and make sure that the temperature is below 40℃ in the operation environment of the water chiller.
        2. Periodically clean the condenser of the water chiller and the dust accumulated on the dust screen.
        3. Periodically replace the circulating water in the water chiller (on a three-month basis). Make sure to use the clean distilled water or purified water as the cooling water.
        The technical parameter of CW-6100: http://www.teyuchiller.com/Products/ChillerCW61004200Wco.html

        The cooling of LED bulb laser marking machine with S&A CW-6100 water chiller


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