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        lab aluminum battery system with S&A chiller

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        This equipment manufacturer from Switzerland is specialized in the provision of development, manufacture and customized energy storage solutions for electricity generation & transmission, public transportation, heavy industrial plants and the design of special battery system. This Swiss manufacturer consulted S&A Water Chiller via email, wishing to get a water chiller that could be used in their lab cooling test and cooled their aluminum battery system in the future. After having a knowledge of several types of S&A water chillers, this Swiss manufacturer purchased S&A CW-6200 water chiller.
        As a dual temperature water chiller, S&A CW-6200 water chiller has two independent temperature control systems separately for the high/low temperature. With the adoption of industrial wire wound filter element, S&A water chiller can achieve a good filtering effect with outstanding durability. Also S&A CW-6200 water chiller has been designed with a triple filter unit, where two wire-wound filters serve to filter the impurities in the cooling water circuits separately at the high and low temperature ends to guarantee the cleanness of water, and the third deionization filter mainly serves to filter out the ions in the water circuits.
        However it's inevitable that there are impurities entering into the circulating water circuits during the operation of water chiller. Therefore make sure to regularly replace the circulating water and the cooling water even though there is the triple filter available. Also the cooling water must be the clean distilled water or purified water.
        S&A has established a complete and strict quality management system to realize the strict control on the acquisition of components, the equipment production, the delivery and the after-sales service. As the saying goes, sharp tools make good work. Since condenser is the center of an industrial water chiller, S&A has invested millions of money in condenser production equipment and made strict control on a series of processes, including fins, bends and welding etc. to secure the quality of condenser. Also the introduction of welding robots has significantly improved and perfected the welding procedure. Therefore it can efficiently prevent the machinery breakdown caused by solder skips. This is also the main reason that why S&A water chiller has stable quality.
        The technical parameter of CW-6200AT: http://www.teyuchiller.com/Products/Dualcoolingcircuitch.html

        A Swiss equipment manufacturer wished to cool their lab aluminum battery system with S&A water chiller


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