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        S&A CW-6200AN to cool 15W UV laser marker

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        An old customer of S&A---Mr. Chen consulted us about the cooling with the relevant water chiller model
        Mr. Chen had purchased S&A CW-6200AN water chiller before to cool their device. Recently he has just purchased a 15W UV laser, requiring a flow rate of 10-15L/min and a pressure of 0.6-0.8bar. Then he asked if S&A CW-6200AN water chiller could be used for the cooling. Our answer was: No.
        For the 15W UV laser, we recommended S&A CW-5300 water chiller with up to 1800W cooling capacity and ±0.3℃ precisely temperature control to cater for the cooling requirement of the 15W UV laser.
        S&A has established a complete and strict quality management system to realize the strict control on the acquisition of components, the equipment production, the delivery and the after-sales service. As the saying goes, sharp tools make good work. Since condenser is the center of an industrial water chiller, S&A has invested millions of money in condenser production equipment and made strict control on a series of processes, including fins, bends and welding etc. to secure the quality of condenser. Also the introduction of welding robots has significantly improved and perfected the welding procedure. Therefore it can efficiently prevent the machinery breakdown caused by solder skips. This is also the main reason that why S&A water chiller has stable quality.

        The technical parameter of CW-6200:http://www.teyuchiller.com/Products/ChillerCW62005100Wco.html

        The customer asked if S&A CW-6200AN can be used to cool 15W UV laser marking machine

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